Chris Phan

Forensic Engineer

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Los Angeles, CA


Mr. Phan joined Momentum Engineering Corp. in 2018 as an intern researching airbag deployment thresholds. After completing his graduate program in 2019, he was hired as a Forensic Engineer to apply his knowledge to accident reconstruction. Since joining, he has received extensive training in site and vehicle inspections utilizing 3D laser scanning, photography, and collision simulation using PC-Crash software. Mr. Phan earned a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering focusing on mechanical design from California State University, Fullerton, in 2019. His graduate project thesis focused on improving crash safety structures in passenger vehicles. Through his research at CSUF, he gained extensive knowledge of NHTSA and IIHS crash tests and standards, modern vehicle safety features, and experience of finite element analysis to simulate crashes.

Publications and Presentations

  • Electric Motorcycle Acceleration, Braking, and Regenerative Coast-Down Deceleration Testing and Analysis, SAE, 2023-01-0631


  • California State University  |  Fullerton, California
    Master of Science - Mechanical Engineering
  • University of California  |  Irvine, California
    Bachelor of Science - Public Health Sciences
  • October 2022
    - FAA – Small UAS Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification
  • September 2022
    - SAE – Photogrammetry and Analysis of Digital Media
  • May 2022
    - CA2RS – Understanding and Using Ignition Cycles in your Investigations
  • May 2022
    - SAE – Vehicle Crash Reconstruction: Principles and Technology
  • March 2022
    - CA2RS – Using Activity App GPS Data in Accident Reconstruction
  • March 2022
    - Crash Safety Solutions, Interactive Driver Response Research User Forum
  • February 2022
    - SATAI, Spring Conference
  • July 2021
    - CA2RS – A Case Study - Utilizing a Single Photo to Reconstruct a Crash Sequence
  • February 2020
    - SAE – Photography for Accident Reconstruction, Product Liability and Testing
  • January 2020
    - SAE – Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics
  • December 2019
    - SAE – Applying Automotive EDR Data to Traffic Crash Reconstruction
  • June 2019
    - Collision Safety Institute – (CDR) Technician Course

Professional Experience

  • 2023 - Current  |  Forensic Engineer  |  YA Engineering Services
  • 2019 - 2023  |  Forensic Engineer  |  Momentum Engineering Corp.