Code Review and Upgrade Analysis for Building Repairs

Damaged existing buildings undergoing repairs are subject to different construction requirements than new buildings. Evaluating code requirements for repairs begins by reviewing state, county and local laws and ordinances to determine the relevant repair regulations and their applicability to a particular project. Repairs to existing buildings may require analysis of numerous different systems including accessibility, fire protection, egress, energy, structural integrity, seismic resistance, weather protection, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, etc.

YAES engineers and architects regularly perform forensic evaluations of existing buildings and are frequently tasked with designing repairs to, and evaluating repair requirements for, damaged structures. As a result, our engineers and architects have extensive experience in navigating the repair requirements of the various existing building codes in jurisdictions throughout the country. Correctly assessing the code required upgrades that apply to a repair project allows us to develop an accurate repair scope for construction or cost estimating purposes.

For locations where green building codes apply, our personnel are well versed in evaluation of sustainability standards. With our roster of experienced engineers and architects, design and forensic experience, and familiarity with current and historical building codes, clients can be assured that YAES will provide an accurate repair scope and upgrade analysis.

YAES services include:

  • Damage Assessment
  • Repair Scope Development
  • Property Research and Analysis
  • Structural and Architectural Calculations and Analysis
  • Code Review and Interpretation