Design and Construction Defect Investigations

As constructed facilities become ever more complex, the potential for design and construction defects increases as do associated claims. YAES engineers and architects have decades of experience investigating design and construction defects and contributing to the dispute resolution process.

Evaluation of defects in buildings and structures requires knowledge of design standards, building codes, and installation standards for a wide range of construction materials and building systems. YAES has experience investigating all manner of design and construction defects, including issues with architectural, building envelope, structural and MEP systems. Investigations also frequently require assessing the relative responsibilities of the various involved parties and whether the defect is a design or construction issue.

YAES licensed professionals provide expert testimony and litigation support services related to design and construction defect claims. YAES will provide a thorough investigation with a clear presentation of findings that may include evaluation of faulty designs, substandard materials, poor workmanship, code violations, poor supervision, and scheduling impacts. If the defect requires a repair or remediation, YAES has considerable experience in the development of repair documents to correct or compensate for the observed defects.

YAES services include:

  • Site Investigation of Defective Conditions
  • Review of Building Code and Material Standards
  • Structural Analysis and Finite Element Modeling
  • Expert Testimony and Litigation Support
  • Development of Repair Drawings