Accident Reconstruction Services

Vehicle collisions and crashes occur every day on our roads and highway systems. These incidents may involve any combination of passenger cars, trucks, SUVs, heavy commercial vehicles and motorcycles. Contributing factors to these incidents may include driver error, vehicle performance, roadway conditions and/or environmental conditions. Accident reconstruction is the process of investigation and analysis to determine the events contributing to, during and resulting from a collision or crash.

YAES Accident Reconstruction engineers specialize in using advanced evidence capture and documentation tools, as well as accepted reconstruction techniques, to analyze complex crash scenarios. We employ and rely on the latest technology and our extensive experience to determine the details of an event and communicate those findings to our clients.

YAES Accident Reconstruction engineers have extensive courtroom experience and are able to develop advanced trial exhibits to support their expert testimony in cases involving litigation.

Accident Reconstruction Services Include:

  • Accident Reconstruction
  • 3D Laser Scanning of Vehicle and Scene Evidence
  • Drone Aerial Mapping of Scene Evidence
  • Passenger Vehicle Evaluations
  • Trucking, Commercial, and Heavy Equipment Evaluations
  • Mechanical Evaluation
  • Vehicle Dynamics Analysis
  • Litigation Support and Expert Testimony
  • Evidence Storage
  • Development of Trial Exhibits
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