Building Envelope Evaluation and Repair Design

Building envelope systems include roofing, cladding, fenestrations, flashings, weather resistive barriers, and associated components. When building envelope failures occur, exterior water may contact finishes or structural building elements causing damage. Failures in building envelope systems may result from original design and/or construction defects; wear and tear; lack of maintenance; and/or other external factors. YAES specializes in the identification and investigation of building envelope failures. This expertise provides YAES the background to develop repair solutions to existing building envelope systems and perform design peer reviews for new construction for the purposes of failure avoidance.

YAES repair designs and peer reviews focus on the prevention of water leakage at critical material junctions and details. Our expertise is specifically geared toward identification and creative problem solving for building envelope detailing at complicated interfaces typically where multiple trades and materials interface.

YAES services also include construction period observations and reporting to assist with the successful enclosure of the building envelope. A collaborative approach is used to enlist the designer, general contractor and specialty trades with aligned interests for the completion of a building envelope that will meet specified performance requirements.

YAES services include:

  • Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing of Building Envelope Systems
  • Litigation Support and Expert Witness Testimony
  • Design and Construction Defect Investigations
  • Building Envelope Detail Drawing and Specification Peer Review
  • Construction Period Services