Water Leakage Testing and Analysis

Evaluation of water leakage in buildings requires extensive knowledge of building envelope assemblies, building envelope materials, and testing standards and protocols. YAES engineers and architects have decades of experience evaluating all types of building envelope assemblies to identify water leakage sources. YAES building envelope investigations focus on identification of the source of water leaks, often involving sequenced removal of exterior cladding materials to identify critical material properties and detailing of material interfaces. A thorough forensic evaluation of water leakage also includes an assessment of building maintenance history and construction documents.

Selection and implementation of the appropriate test methods enables YAES to accurately assess the source(s) of water leakage. YAES personnel have experience performing numerous standard tests including spray rack testing of windows and curtain walls; core testing of roofing; infrared thermal imaging of roofing and cladding systems; moisture surveys; and pressurization and air passage testing. Our experience and knowledge of the various building envelope test standards allows YAES to advise building owners, restoration contractors, design professionals and insurance representatives regarding appropriate test methods for water leakage evaluations.

Correctly identifying water leakage sources allows YAES to develop accurate repair scopes for construction or cost estimating purposes. Water leakage may also originate from sources other than the building envelope, such as mechanical and plumbing components. YAES offers mechanical engineering services to assess these other systems.

YAES services include:

  • Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing of Building Envelope Components
  • Evaluation of Water Damage to Building Components
  • Repair Scope Development
  • Design and Construction Defect Investigations