Damage Assessment

YAES specializes in forensic evaluations of damage to existing buildings and structures. Damage can result from any number of causes including singular events such as earthquake, hurricane, wind, fire, flood, and impact; long-term effects such as corrosion, soil settlement, wear and tear, and decay; or human-influenced causes such as design errors, installation defects, and deferred maintenance.

YAES professionals have vast background in forensic evaluations, which enable YAES to investigate all types of damage to all manner of buildings and structures. YAES Damage Assessment Services are provided by experts in structural analysis and finite element modeling; non-destructive and destructive testing methods; mechanical, HVAC and plumbing systems; marine structures; building envelope; and code upgrade evaluations.

Comprehensive damage evaluations require an understanding of engineering mechanics, structural behavior, cladding systems, load path, installation methods and behavioral properties of a wide range of construction materials including metals, glass, masonry, concrete, wood, sealants, roofing, etc. Although no two damage investigations are exactly alike, the same basic principles apply to all damage evaluations. These principles include documentation of conditions, preservation of evidence, code and document review, structural analysis, testing and laboratory analysis, and report writing. YAES reports clearly describe the investigation and findings and provide concise conclusions that may be easily understood.