Failure Investigations

Forensic investigation of structural failures is a primary focus area for YAES. Our intimate understanding of structural behavior and extensive experience evaluating the performance of existing structures provides YAES with a unique ability to diagnose the cause or causes of structural failures, and if needed, to develop appropriate repairs.

YAES expertise ranges from evaluation of global collapse of structural systems to localized failures of individual structural components. Our knowledge of the performance characteristics of structural systems, connections and materials, including wood, concrete, masonry, metals, glass and polymers, allows us to holistically evaluate the potential different contributing factors to a structural failure.

The tools and procedures that we utilize in forensic failure investigations may include documentation of site conditions, preservation of evidence, structural analysis, finite element modeling, laboratory analysis of materials, load testing, destructive testing, and non-destructive testing. With licensed professionals experienced at navigating code requirements for repairs, and computer aided drafting capabilities, we are proficient at developing repair documents for permitting and construction.

YAES Service include:

  • Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing of Structural Elements
  • Structural Analysis and Finite Element Modeling
  • Development of Repair Drawings
  • Litigation Support and Expert Witness Testimony
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