Hail Damage

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), there are around 5,000 hail storms per year in the United States. Although even moderately sized hail can damage building cladding systems, most hail damage to buildings manifests at the roof level. The severity and extent of roof hail damage is dependent on the roof slope, exposure, hail size, direction of hail, and the age and type of roofing material.

Evaluating hail damage requires an understanding of the various roofing systems and associated components such as gutters, vents, etc. and their susceptibility to hail impact damage. YAES has extensive experience evaluating hail related distress to both roofing and cladding systems. Our experience and knowledge of the various building envelope systems allows YAES to offer guidance to building owners, restoration contractors and insurance carriers regarding roofing and cladding systems that remain serviceable versus those that require replacement or repairs.

YAES services include:

  • Detailed Reports including Full Assessment of Roof System and Collateral Components
  • Roof System Moisture Surveys and Interior Leak InvestigationsĀ 
  • Historical Hailstorm Review of National Weather Service Records
  • Coordination of Destructive Evaluations and Laboratory Services
  • Evaluation of Roofing Industry Standards and Building Code Requirements for Repairs
hail damage
hail damage