Fire Systems Analysis

YAES engineers have decades of experience evaluating fire protection and life safety systems in a wide variety of building types. Our engineers are experienced in all aspects of these systems, including design, diagnosis, operation, and maintenance. Our experience with fire sprinkler systems includes wet pipe, dry pipe, pre-action, and deluge systems as well as fire protection systems for range hoods in commercial kitchens. We also have background in evaluating smoke control systems and the response of building mechanical systems to fire alarms and power outages. Our knowledge of these systems allows YAES to offer guidance to building owners, restoration contractors and insurance carriers regarding whether systems and equipment can remain in service or require repair or replacement.

YAES services and investigations may involve:

  • Frozen pipes
  • Inadvertent sprinkler discharge
  • System failure to activate or perform in the event of a fire
  • Failed piping and leaks due to corrosion or excessive pressure
  • Design defects and construction defects
  • Detailed reports including scope of repairs, cost estimates, and cause of failure
  • Evaluation of industry standards and local and national building code requirements