Plumbing Failure Evaluations

Plumbing systems may be affected by clogged and overflowed sewer and drain lines, installation defects, material defects, overflowed appliances and toilets due to equipment malfunction, and failed piping and leaks due to corrosion or excessive pressure. YAES engineers evaluate all types of plumbing systems and issues. Our engineers are experienced in design, diagnosis, operation, and maintenance of these systems. Commonly investigated systems include plumbing fixtures, domestic water heaters, hot and cold domestic water piping, sanitary sewer and vent piping, and storm drains. We also have experience evaluating plumbing appliances such as clothes washers and dishwashers.

YAES services and investigations may involve:

  • Frozen, corroded and clogged pipes
  • Design, construction and material defects
  • Detailed reports including scope of repairs, cost estimates, and cause of failure
  • Evaluation of industry standards and local and national building code requirements
rusty pipes