Repair Design and Permitting

YAES engineers and architects specialize in the evaluation and repair of damaged buildings and structures. With a background in both new building design and design of repairs to existing buildings, our professionals are able to provide drawings for a wide range of purposes from rough order-of-magnitude (ROM) cost estimating, to permitted construction documents.

To provide accurate repair recommendations our services include review, analysis, and interpretation of current building codes including necessary code upgrades. YAES specializes in evaluating the extent of damage to buildings and other structures from all manner of causes including impacts, overload/collapse, fire, water, natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes, and construction or design defects.

repair design permit plan

With our design and forensic experience, YAES personnel are uniquely qualified to manage repair design work from the investigation phase through construction. YAES communicates with building officials through avenues such as pre-application meetings to obtain approval of recommended repairs to streamline the permit and plan check process. YAES is also able to provide construction administration and periodic inspection services. 

With our roster of experienced engineers and architects, clients can be assured that YAES will provide accurate and efficient solutions for assignments requiring repairs.

YAES services include:

  • Code Reviews and Interpretation
  • Conceptual Documents for ROM Pricing
  • Repair Drawings and Specifications for Restoration
  • Meeting with Building Officials for Design Approval
  • Management of Repair Design through Construction