Roof Damage Evaluations

YAES engineers and architects are frequently tasked with evaluating the condition of existing roof systems. Roof systems may be damaged from one-time external sources such as hail, wind, snow or construction activities; or from long term issues such as age, exposure, or lack of maintenance. A proper evaluation of a roof system requires knowledge of the various steep and low slope roof systems and the associated roofing components including flashings, gutters, vents, scuppers, crickets, rigid insulation, and underlayment. Older roof systems and those lacking proper maintenance are generally more susceptible to damage from external sources.

YAES engineers and architects have decades of experience evaluating damaged roofing systems on many types of buildings and structures. Our experience allows YAES to offer guidance to building owners, restoration contractors and insurance carriers regarding roofing systems that remain serviceable versus those that require repair or replacement. Upon request, YAES professionals are available to provide construction documents for repair or replacement of all types of roofing systems.

YAES services include:

  • Steep and Low Slope Examinations of All Types of Roof Systems
  • Investigations Including Water Leakage Testing and Analysis
  • Moisture Surveys
  • Detailed Reports including Full Assessment of Roof System and Associated Components
  • Historical Review of National Weather Service records
  • Roof Investigations Including Destructive Openings and Laboratory Testing
  • Evaluation of Roofing Industry Standards and Code Requirements for Repairs